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Solving the Global ID Crisis with Blockchain Article Review

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

This article showed how important it is for people to have an ID. It provides them with many social benefits - from health and social care to opening a bank account - and eases the path for third parties to keep track of their customer base. Nowadays, there are almost 1 billion people without any kind of identification. This is where DID’s (Decentralized Identifiers) come in to save the day. Being part of the blockchain system, it provides users a legit, secure and unique ID for them. This is also a very accessible medium since most of the non ID-holders have access to smartphones and can create their own in a matter of seconds, proving once again, how blockchains are extremely beneficial for users all across the globe.

With that being said, we can see how good blockchain actually is, by offering a decentralized economic system, with proper and stable regulations made by the users themselves, and having different solutions to different worldwide problems. Being a very accessible system, the increase of digital users every hour makes it even easier to obtain a DID. It’s just a matter of educating and promoting the idea across the correct population, just as Tykn (together with the Turkish government agencies) did, approaching to the current and incoming refugees in the country allowing them to “acquire reliable and verifiable documentation”

Give the article a read!

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