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Review - Blockchain and NFTs are changing the publishing industry

Calling all the gamers and NFT-fanatics to read this one out.

This article explores how traditional publishers are using NFTs to build communities and engage with audiences. As an example, the world's largest publisher of textbooks, Pearson, recently disclosed plans to employ NFTs to track digital textbook sales and recover money wasted on the secondary market. The 99-year-old Time magazine has also been using NFTs to develop new revenue sources and a feeling of community inside the publishing sector. An interesting new approach to an younger audience. "NFTs may be key for providing the publishing world with the stability and audience interaction it requires to advance."

In addition, NFTS allow traditional publishers to have the ability to build a community of collectors capable of engaging with the platform and each other. For example, Royal Joh Enschede, a 300-year-old Dutch printing company, is entering the Web3 space by providing its clients with an NFT platform for “crypto stamps. A curious development of the industry.

This is worth a read! EBI promotes innovation in blockchain and this is it!

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