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Mercury News Article Review

"EBSI provides a fantastic opportunity for EU state administrations to accelerate the digitization of public services while also allowing them to rethink their information systems, promote user trust and personal data protection, assist in the creation of new business opportunities, and establish new areas of leadership, all of which benefit citizens, public services, and businesses. [...] However, this program has the potential to be expanded into something even greater. It could, at least, be transformed into a common, shared and open public infrastructure aimed at providing and supporting a secure and interoperable ecosystem that will enable the development, launch and operation of EU-wide cross-border digital services in the public sector. But it has the potential to become a proper blockchain-based "digital government".

This fascinating piece from Mercury News looks at the EBSI initiative being implemented at the national level in Europe. And once again, an article comes to the same conclusion we do: blockchain technology can and will thrive in the right policy framework. If expanded, this initiative could lead to the transnational working model EBI proposes: a modern and interconnected environment for the development, launch, and operation of cross-border digital services in the public sector across the EU. As we've explained before, it will help diversify government service delivery and the broader financial industry, improving the safety of personal information and minimizing bureaucracy while creating growth and accountability.

This is something we strongly advise you to read.

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