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Entrepreneur Article Review

"There are a plethora of areas in which blockchain adoption by governments would benefit beyond payments & financial services, such as: product/service tracking & tracing, identity management (including for security or access purposes), contracts and dispute resolution, and in the complaints/internal affairs process. Fortunately for us all, the hard part is already done – the technology to underpin this exists & has been proven. All that is required is appropriate government policy and intelligent regulation."

This intriguing article published by the Entrepreneur explores some initial programs happening at the national level in Europe. This includes the e-Estonia program, Georgian and Swedish initiatives and the Horizon Program. The article comes to same conclusion as we do: blockchain technology can and will flourish within an adequate policy environment, a booming business ecosystem, and a suitable industry mix. Europe already possesses two of these three characteristics; the final point, policy, is easily within the union’s grasp. We seriously recommend reading this.

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