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CHAISE - Blockchain Skillsets for Europe, a new milestone for the industry and a major step towards

The European Union has recently released a series of projects and programs looking to expand the

development of blockchain infrastructure and incentivize blockchain development in the region. These include the Digital Europe Program, the Horizon Program, and the European Blockchain Services Infrastructure.

Blockchain technology has become the most recent technological development in transferring and

recording data as it is transferred. A major benefit is that the architecture of the blockchain is decentralized, and therefore cannot be controlled by one or multiple parties.

On top of the existing programs, the EU has also announced CHAISE a roadmap for blockchain skill

development. CryptoNewsz covered this topic in their most recent article. According to the outlet, the project is aiming to help provide education and training for people looking to develop blockchain technology and applications.

The project is set to last for 4 years and seeks to establish several major goals for the region. CHAISE will seek to not only train on blockchain but also seek to fix any gaps or issues that may exist between countries in the continent.

The goals of the project have been outlined as improving the knowledge of professional blockchain skills in the region, creating a cooperative plan for future demands and job requirements, creating a certified program for blockchain, creating a standardized curriculum for blockchain courses, and helping connect job seekers with potential employers.

The European Union is hoping that the program will push the region forward as a global leader in blockchain technology and address the need for a variety of blockchain-related skills. The program will also help with the implementation of blockchain technology on both a public and private front as public services and businesses will benefit from the development of blockchain programs moving forward.

Do you think that these initiatives will help the European Union further develop blockchain initiatives in the region? What are some of the other steps that they can take?

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