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The European Blockchain Initiative


Who We Are

Abstract Futuristic Background

Our Mission

Currently, the European Union (EU) lacks a unified, standardized & smart regulatory regime for the blockchain industry. We passionately believe the EU needs to do a better job of taking innovative blockchain technologies more seriously – it is clear that the benefits of blockchain applications will flourish within an appropriately regulated environment, improving government service delivery & economic growth in the private sector.

We are devoted to helping European countries harness the power of blockchain to empower the civilian population in their daily interactions with government agencies, securely store information in the long-term, and improve financial transparency in government operations.

Our aim is to promote a regulatory model that works for Europe, building on existing programs & deriving lessons from other successful blockchain programs around the globe to create & apply a practical, authentic model that addresses the needs of EU member states, ensuring accountability while promoting growth.

Government adoption of the European Blockchain Initiative Model (EBI Model) will help diversify government service delivery & the broader financial industry, improving the safety of personal information and minimizing bureaucracy while creating growth & accountability.

Our Vision:
the EU Blockchain Initiative

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